Global exposure

The period of time when all of the pixels in the image are accumulating data. For a CCD, this period of time is equal to the exposure time setting. For a CMOS camera with rolling shutter, this period of time is equal to the time between when the last line of the image starts exposure and when the first line of the image ends exposure.

Global reset trigger mode

“Pseudo” global shutter mode by a camera only with rolling shutter.

Stimulated by an external trigger, all the readout lines start exposing. The first line of the sensor exposes for the exposure time set by software. The subsequent lines expose for the exposure time plus readout time. This mode allows for external equipment to be the master and to precisely control the start of the global exposure timing.

Global shutter readout

The CMOS equivalent to CCD snap-shot mode, where all pixels are exposed for the same amount of time at the same time. Global shutter readout mode requires each pixel to have an additional transistor. This pixel design and its operation lowers the quantum efficiency (QE) and increases the readout noise.

Please refer to this link, if you would like to investigate readout modes further.