Sensor technologies

Sensor technologies

Hamamatsu offers many types of life science cameras incorporating various types of sensors. Each type has unique characteristics which will affect your imaging result. The cameras are designed and constructed to extract the best performance of the sensors by using Hamamatsu advanced technologies including analog design, digital processing, optics and cooling.

The latest development in imaging technology, scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensors simultaneously deliver high sensitivity, fast readout speeds, and low noise. The sCMOS sensor with special analog and digital design offers cameras fit to majority of applications.

CCD is the most popular imaging sensor for various applications including consumer digital cameras and surveillance cameras. Cooled CCD camera is unique in research applications which require high sensitivity such as fluorescence imaging.

EM-CCD sensor has a similar structure to a CCD sensor, but with a special electron multiplication mechanism. The EM-CCD raises ultra-low signals to levels above the sensor noise so the signal can be detected.

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