In today’s scientific research, is it not only essential to have an excellent digital camera to obtain optimal results Today, cameras offer an extensive range of features; several readout modes, correction functions, more and more pixels and higher and higher readout speeds. With this growing wealth of functionality, good software becomes increasingly important for your daily work.

Hamamatsu offers software products for use with all DCAM based Hamamatsu cameras, dedicated to life science applications: HCImage and HoKaWo; for (bio-) physics and industrial use our HiPic software is the optimum choice.

As imaging setups become more complex, software has to control not only a camera, but also many other devices such as microscopes, stages and filter wheels… Therefore, companies have integrated Hamamatsu DCAM based cameras into their software products.

Software API Support

We have designed a software API to be used by all Hamamatsu digital cameras; it is named DCAM-API (Digital CAMera Application Programming Interface). The purpose of DCAM-API is:

  • To standardize camera control and functionality of all Hamamatsu digital cameras.
  • To bridge different supported computer interfaces and aspects of their respective software API into one universal set of API functions and implementation rules.
  • To allow for future expandability of the API with limitless and seamless integration of digital cameras and interfaces without the need for re-building the host application to support them.


DCAM-API offers a simple yet powerful set of functions to control all the necessary features and data acquisition control functions of our cameras. It provides dynamic detection of camera features and controls. DCAM-API supports LabView, MATLAB, MetaMorph, Micro-Manager, SlideBook, and more.

Software API support

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