ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 Digital CMOS camera C13440-20CU

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Building on our extensive experience with high performance scientific cameras and advanced imaging applications, Hamamatsu introduces the new ORCA-Flash4.0 V3. This one camera expertly handles applications ranging from the acquisition of beautiful scientific images to experiments that demand detection, quantification and speed. With on-board FPGA processing enabling intelligent data reduction, highly refined in-camera, pixel-level calibrations, increased USB3.0 frame rates, purposeful and innovative triggering capabilities, patented lightsheet read out modes and individual camera noise characterization the ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 is the precision instrument for imaging.


Movie gallery

3D animation of Amoeba scanned by DSLM

GFP-labeled zebrafish blood flow

High speed (400 fps) zebrafish cardiac beat

iPS cardiomyocyte membrane voltage dynamics (high resolution)

Localization microscopy acquisition

Dynamic movement of shrimp swimmeret

Spinning disk confocal pollen z scan images

Filopodial protrusion dynamics

High-speed intracellular Ca gradient driven by UTP stimulation

Microtubule growth dynamics TIRF

PKC translocation driven by TEA stimulation

High-speed Ca imaging of iPS cardiomyocyte

PC recommendations

With the introduction of the ORCA-Flash4.0, users are now able to stream 4 megapixel images to their computers 100 frames per second. The computer recommendations for this high data rate can be met by using the guidelines listed this PC Recommendations for ORCA-Flash4.0.


Type number C13440-20CU
Quantum efficency 82 % (peak QE: @560 nm)
Imaging device sCMOS
Effective no. of pixels 2048 (H)×2048 (V)
Cell size 6.5 μm×6.5 μm
Effective area 13.312 mm×13.312 mm
Full well capacity 30 000 electrons (typ.) *
Readout speed 100 frames/s (Full resolution, standard scan, Camera Link) *
40 frames/s (Full resolution, standard scan, USB 3.0, 16 bit) *
53 frames/s (Full resolution, standard scan, USB 3.0, 12 bit) *
80 frames/s (Full resolution, standard scan, USB 3.0, 8 bit) *
Readout noise Standard scan (at 100 frames/s, typ.):1.6 electrons rms (1.0 electrons median)
Slow scan (at 30 frames/s, typ.): 1.4 electrons rms (0.8 electrons median)
Cooling method Peltier cooling
Cooling temperature Forced air (Ambient at +20 ℃): -10 ℃
Water (+20 ℃): -10 ℃
Water (+15 ℃): -30 ℃
Dark current 0.06 electrons/pixel/s (Air Cooled to -10° C) (typ.)
0.06 electrons/pixel/s (Water Cooled to -10° C) (typ.)
0.006 electrons/pixel/s (Water Cooled to -30° C) (typ.)
Dynamic range 37 000:1 (typ.)
Interface Camera Link / USB 3.0
A/D converter 16 bit / 12 bit / 8 bit
Lens mount C-mount


Readout Modes Normal Area, Lightsheet, W-VIEW Mode, Dual Lightsheet
Binning 2×2, 4×4
Master Pulse Generator (Pulse Modes) Internal Sync, Start Trigger, Burst
Master Pulse Generator (Pulse Interval in 1 μs increments) 10 μs to 10 s
Hot Pixel Correction Off, Low, Medium, High
Dark Signal Non-Uniformity (DSNU)* 0.3 electrons rms
Photo Response Non-Uniformity (PRNU) at half level of full light range (15,000 electrons)* 0.06 % rms
Photo Response Non-Uniformity (PRNU) at low light level (700 electrons)* 0.3 % rms
Linearity error, full light range (EMVA 1288 standard)* 0.5 %
Linearity error, low light range (< 500 electrons signal)* 0.2 % / Less than approx. 1 electron absolute error
On-camera Connectivity Both USB 3.0 and Camera Link**
V2 Compatibility Mode (for use with legacy software) Yes

*Typical value

**Enabled with optional Camera Link board for PC

Spectral response

C13440-20CU Spctral response


c13440-20cu dimensional outline

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