Photon number resolving capability of qCMOS camera for Raman spectroscopy and imaging

In Raman imaging, shortening the measurement time is a very important factor. To achieve this, it is necessary to detect Raman signals in a short period of time, which requires high sensitivity and low noise of the camera, as well as multiple pixels and high speed. We measured the SNR and spectral dynamic range of our photon number resolving camera (qCMOS camera) and compared it with the EM-CCD camera and showed the superiority of the qCMOS camera.

This poster was presented at "Biomedical Raman Imaging 2023" (


Attached below is a video version of the "Spectrum comparison under condition of same PN (photon number) / pixel" right at the center of the poster.

Product used in this Poster

The C15550-20UP is the world's first camera to incorporate the qCMOS image sensor. The camera achieves the ultimate in quantitative imaging.

Other Application & Case study

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