The Living Image

The Living Image is a site dedicated to celebrating life science imaging, brought to you by Hamamatsu. At the Living Image we present exciting research stories at the forefront of microscopy and imaging, highlighting the advances each work makes to biology and discussing technologies that make the work possible.

Find out about lightsheet microscopy and zebrafish brains, super-resolution microscopy at video rate speeds, new insight into bacterial cell division, an innovative in vivo GPCR screening assay, and voltage measurements to visualize cellular excitation.

Explore our resources pages which offer insightful information about the technology behind the imaging. There you’ll also find our Journal Club which provides in-depth details on imaging topics ranging from understanding which camera technology is likely to work for you to considerations on matching microscope optics to your experimental question.

Seeing the Living Brain
Exciting Advances Push the Limits of Visualization
Exciting Insights into Cell Growth
Illuminating Activity - In Vivo and In Vitro
Seeing Cellular Excitation
Shaping Light for Wider Fields of View
Seeing Life in Four Dimensions
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