Technical guides



How many photons do I have?

Find out how to measure how many photons are present under your experimental conditions.

Calculating SNR

Understand the different components that go into calculating the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

A visual guide to CCD vs. EM-CCD vs. CMOS

Different chip architectures, different capabilities.

Contrast versus noise, eye versus machine.

Contrast appears good, but good looks can be deceiving.

What is dark noise?

A basic introduction.

Dissecting camera specifications: a field guide for biologists

Shedding light on what camera specifications mean for biological experiments.

What is photon shot noise?

A basic introduction.

Read noise in CMOS cameras: only rms is meaningful

A brief overview of median versus rms read noise for evaluating CMOS cameras.

Thinking in Photons.

Converting from electrons to photons improves how we think about signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Which camera technology is right for me?

Choosing between CCD, EM-CCD, and sCMOS.

Can you trust what you see?

A short guide to reliable microscopy imaging.

Capturing images you can count on.

A checklist for microscopy imaging.

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