Image acquisition software HiPic


HiPic is Hamamatsu’s sophisticated software for physical and industrial applications. It‘s not only Hamamatsu monochrome DCAM based cameras such as sCMOS ORCA-Flash series or ImagEM X2 series that are supported. Line sensors or X-ray cameras can be used with HiPic too. In the newest version image intensifiers and mini-spectrometers are integrated now as well.
HiPic is easy to use and along with full control of all camera features, it offers various analysis functions such as sophisticated correction algorithms, calibration and arithmetical operations.
(U8913-02 corrsponding to the line sensors.)


  • Full support of all Hamamatsu monochrome cameras
  • Full support of all X-ray Flat panels, X-ray Line sensors, X-ray TDI sensors and MFX tubes
  • Extended range of cameras and frame grabbers by internal driver modules (e.g. analog video cameras and TDI cameras)
  • Support of mini-spectrometers
  • Support of image intensifiers
  • Control of all camera features
  • Long term support of legacy hardware, maximum lifetime guarantee
  • Support of freely definable camera through GenericCam module
  • Sequence acquisition at high frame rate
  • Set of triggering functions for perfect synchronization with external devices


  • X-ray imaging
  • Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence and Luminescence imaging
  • Photon counting
  • Semiconductor imaging
  • Scintillator readout
  • High speed imaging

Application examples

HiPic can be used to acquire and process images with an X-ray source and detector.

One application example is the investigation of mechanical condition of product and wrapping in the pharmaceutical industry. The image was taken with a L9181-02 microfocus X-ray source at 130 kV and a C7942SK-25 fl at panel detector. X-ray image of a C-mount surveillance lens with plastic fitting. The image was taken with a Hamamatsu L9181-02 microfocus X-ray source at 130 kV and a C7942SK-25 flat panel detector.

u8913-01 application examples1


HiPic provides the functionality to grab spectra from USB mini-spectrometers. Besides acquiring a spectrum profile, analysis offers the possibility to review peak positions, FWHM of the bands, integral and more.

u8913-01 application examples2

Photon counting using image intensifiers

For very low light applications using image intensifiers HiPic offers the special photon counting mode. If the used image intensifier provides enough gain to register single photon counting events, they are added up in the frame memory. In this way, very high signal-to-noise ratios can be achieved, when signal integration times are sufficiently long. This mode also effectively suppresses certain crosstalk effects inherent to some image intensifiers. A dynamic photon counting mode allows temporal analysis of photon counting images.

u8913-01 application examples3

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