HCImage is a 32/64-bit application designed to solve a wide range of imaging applications. It includes an extensive range of image processing tools that can be used during live image capture or post acquisition analysis. For greater control, HCImage allows image capture, processing and analysis with the ability to select from over 150 measurements. Data are saved in a hierarchical file structure, allowing images and measured data to be easily displayed in a variety of graphical formats or exported to Excel.
HCImage is optimized to take full advantage of the established DCAM camera drivers, maximizing the performance and usability of Hamamatsu cameras.
HCImage provides an easy-to-use, flexible solution to many applications in Life and Material Science; including particle sizing, intensity analysis over time, object tracking and multi-dimensional time-lapse.


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HCImage Live

HCImage Live is a 64-bit native application optimized to utilize the high speed, high resolution and sensitivity from Hamamatsu cameras using the DCAM driver. HCImage provides the necessary tools for image acquisition, processing and analysis, all in a flexible, easy-to-use application. Careful thought went into the design of the user interface to maximize functionality, optimize workflow and increase efficiency.


HCImage Dynamic Intensity Analysis has been redefined and optimized for high-speed processing and intensity analysis over time, including live viewing of images and data simultaneously. The updated interface was designed to reduce the number of steps required to set up and run an intensity analysis experiment, while providing the necessary tools to get the job done. HCImage is a powerful multi-dimensional imaging tool that offers ease-of-use with flexibility. A simple interface allows for quick setup of complex multiple channel, multi-site XYZ scans. The interactive XYZ Scan Map displays the sites on a grid and provides feedback at each location.


HCImage Image Processing and Analysis provide an extensive selection of image processing and image analysis tools to enable quantitative analysis on a wide range of complex image sequences. Imaging tools are selected using customized icons to derive workfiles (macros), which are saved and can be used multiple times. Images are saved with measured data allowing dynamic interaction between images, objects, graphs, and tables to provide instant user feedback. HCImage IPA provides comprehensive control of Hamamatsu cameras, microscopes, stages, and other peripheral devices providing the ability to perform multi-dimensional imaging with ease-of-use and flexibility.

HCImage Analysis

HCImage Analysis includes all functionality HCImage DIA and HCImage IPA including: FRET and Batch FRET analysis, time-lapse scheduler, 3-D visualization, custom measurements, and motion tracking.

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